BIOPHARMIX assists biopharmaceutical companies augment their marketing, sales and commercialization worldwide. We support the sales and marketing teams of CROs, small pharma and biotech firms by making appropriate introductions thereby increasing their capacity. Large companies appreciate our ability to keep their strategies and methods up-to-date. With the goal of improved human health, a proven record in genomic research, and professional background in pre-clinical trial projects, we hope to support your pharmaceutical and biotechnology efforts now.

Selected Services:

  • Prospecting & Pre-qualification
  • Engaging Qualification Communication
  • Campaign Design & Execution
  • Custom Vendor Lists Generation
  • Setup of Pharma-CRO Partnering Meetings
  • Sales Representation in the Field & at Industry Meetings
  • Due Diligence
  • Bioinformatics Support
  • Term-based Experts, Project Managers and Expert Witnesses in various areas of drug discovery including DMPK/ADME, Safety, Translational R&D and Medicinal Chemistry
  • Reports - Sale summaries, Territory analyses & Industry reports
  • Salesforce/CRM Selection, Migration, Maintenance & Integration
  • Business Development

With a growing number of drug development pipelines the biopharma community needs to know you exist and what you do to maintain its competitive edge. Biopharmix Consulting would be pleased to bring your service or technology to its next level.

 Call today to discuss the ways in which BIOPHARMIX can drive your marketing & sales goals forward.

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